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SP777366 (3*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Peter D. Smith (26/10/2004)

'This ford occurs at the end of the tarmac stretch of the appropriately named Watery Lane, signposted only as a no through road at its junction with the B4033. The ford is a concrete-bottomed dip across fast-flowing water to a depth of about 4 inches (normally), about a car’s length. Watery Lane continues as a stony road, and there is room to turn a smallish car (despite the sign at the B4033 which indicates otherwise). There is a small footbridge, but no warning sign or depth gauge.'

SP696337 (3*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Robert Cumming (Image 1: 31/03/2004)

A rare town centre ford in grave danger! Buckinghamshire council want it walled off and forgotton about.

'It is still usable but 4x4s only. Nasty concrete lip on one side. Parked cars are often found blocking both approach roads, I have tried many times to use the ford but have been unable to get to it ! On this occasion I had to turn round on the side with the lip and go back the way I hade come.' Image 2 sent in by David Holme

Bufflers Holt
SP668356 (2*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Greg Roach (07/02/2004) and Alan Esam (19/02/2005)

'About 6-8 inches at its deepest. Enough to completely soak the car when driven through in 2nd gear :-) The bottom is tarmac and there is a wooden footbridge suitable for thin pedestrians only.'

Chalfont Park
TQ010892 (3*) Restricted Access
Sent in by Dave Taylor (27/01/2003)

'Situated on a private road but with access via the bridleway. A small newly concreted splash, with wooden footbridge alongside.'

Chalfont St Giles
SU987941 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Dave Taylor (13/01/2003)

'Small ford through the River Misbourne. For several years this stream almost totally dried up but following some recent work, it is now flowing again all year. Good concrete bottom with easy access, normally no more than a couple of metres across. The depth is typically a few inches, but was over a foot when these pictures were taken (one week after heavy rain in January 2003, subsequent icy weather had left a mass of ice which can just be seen in the background of one picture.)'

TQ026989 (3*) Restricted Access
Sent in by Graham Tabor (11/01/2003)

'I found this one in my second car, a Mark 4 Cortina. As we approached the ford I could see a fence the other side. My co-driver checked the map and said that the road bent around a corner, so I ventured in slowly with the revs high. as it was quite deep. The only thing round the corner was the river! The fence that I had seen was in fact a locked gate leading to the rest of the road which is claimed to be private property (I've never checked this at County Hall though). I eased up on the gas as I wondered where to go and the water then came in the exhaust pipe and stopped the motor. We climbed out of the windows (barefooted) to push the car but the riverbed was stony and bitterly cold (it was about 10pm in November) and we failed miserably. I got back in the car but by now the water level over the cushions of the front seats! I said a quick prayer and reversed the car out using the starter! Eventually I got the motor started again we drove off with water sloshing against the doors on each bend in the road.

I recently revisited the ford to relive the time I drowned my Cortina in the early eighties. The gate is still padlocked. It would be interesting to find out whether or not the remainder of the road really is private or not.'

Rumour has it that vehicle access has now been prevented by large concrete blocks at either side.
The saga continues: Sent in by Dave Baxter
'The river Chess is the Herts/Bucks boundary, and as the farmer is in Herts, and the gate he put in, is in Bucks, neither authority wants to take responsibility.... I know this, as I used to live up the hill in Sarratt years back, and have driven that ford "on passage" from home in Sarratt, to a club meeting in Chesham one night in the mid 80's....

The track on the Herts side, from the river to the loop of road (the botom of Moor Lane & Dawes Lane) that lead back up to Sarratt, is a concrete surface put in by the farmer. As far as I know (knew?) it is a public UCR, or it was.....'

SP982193 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Greg Roach (07/02/2004)

'This is quite a shallow ford, max 4-6 inches. Although it is on a straight road, there are blind side-turnings at either side, so it is not suitable for any high-speed splashing. I cycled across this one regularly as a kid and remember the bottom being very slippery.

There is a nice arts-and-crafts centre nearby, so ideal if you have a non-fording girlfriend to bring along.'

TQ008854 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Nicholas Woollett & John Brown (15/08/2002)

As seen in the film Geneviève. Thanks to Peter Hall, the Editor of the Motoring section of the Daily Telegraph, who has kindly agreed that we may use this image of Fulmer ford being tackled by a De Dion Bouton during the recent Genevieve veteran car rally.

'Regret to report that the ford at Fulmer, Bucks, has been converted to an Irish bridge.' Jonathan Gurney

High Wycombe (x2!)

SU888915 (2*) Restricted Access
SU848938 (1*) Restricted Access
Sent in by Jon Swan (Image 1: 03/05/2003) and Frazer Peddle (Image 2: 24/12/2005)

'Image 1 shows an otherwise perfectly serviceable ford in a residential area that has been bollarded off - but nothing to stop a bike. Looked to be about 6" deep - loose bottom (stones, gravel, sand). Footbridge. Sign: "Road closed at ford".'

Image 2 shows ford which was open until about 10 years ago which leads on to the local recreational park, but I think the council decided it was too risky for people to place there vehicles on to the 'rec' as its locally known. The Ford when it is filled with water unlike in the pictures which where taken earlier this afternoon is usually about foot deep at the most with sand & mud at the bottom.'

TQ047810 (5*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Paul Manners and Dave Taylor (27/01/2003)

'Situated in Ford Lane, an awesome ford only for the bravest 4x4! The crossing goes between two islands and I estimate it at 80 meters across. It is about 1.5 foot deep , very smooth gravel bottom, 50 yds wide easy entry and exit ramps. There is a footbridge upstream for those not brave enough to drive through. Fixed to a tree on one of the islands is a possibly unofficial “FLOOD” sign !! All this within 500 meters of the M25!'

Image 4 shows a textbook bow-wave by Graham Tabor

Iver Photogallery

Thornborough (x2!)

SP743337 (1*) Suitable for All
SP743338 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Sean Reynolds (Image 1: 07/05/2004) and Peter D. Smith (Image 2: 26/10/2004)

'There are two fords at Thornborough, the first is full time next to the village green (Image 1). The second is along Back Street (Image 2). You would not guess from the images that it is actually a part-timer, an Irish Bridge. When I visited the village it was certainly putting on a much better show than its full-time neighbour on the green. It was a few inches deep and about 3 cars long. It possesses two depth gauges and a substantial footbridge, but no warning signs. It has a tarmac base. Efforts have been made to divert the flow of the stream on to the road to minimise erosion, I presume.'

SP656270 (3*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Sean Reynolds (17/06/2004)

'As the name suggests Twy Ford (2 fords), only one left now, it is on a byway from cowley farm to Twyford Mill. The north approach is gated at the old railway bridge. if coming from the north the byway enters a stream about 4-5" deep in summer (I have ridden it on my bike) & continues for approx 150 yds on a gravel base then as you reach the mill it opens out & crosses a small river, it is deep: I haven't probed it but I chickened out on my bike, at a guess 3ft+ & it looks very rocky. In the image, the ford goes to the LEFT of the broken gate & up the stream'

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