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SN249411 (3*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Andrew Babbs (Images 1 & 2: 31/08/2004) and Kevin Dunphy (Image 3: 12/01/2005)

'Although the ford is in Carmarthenshire, it is reached down a short tarmacked road from the village of Abercych (which is in Pembrokeshire). It is a proper ford, crossing the Afon Cych. Either side there are concrete ramps down into the water, but the middle part is loose rock. both ramps face down stream at about 45° to the direction of flow. One thus has to turn through 90° in the water to be facing in the right direction to leave the water. Yesterday with average river levels it was about 1 foot deep – hence really only negotiable with 4x4s. Looking across at the cottage the other side, it seemed an idyllic location. Images 2 & 3 shows the ford in significant flood.'

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Blaen Dyffryn (x2!)

SN715401 Image Wanted!
SN711401 Image Wanted!

SN325291 (2*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Badger (06/07/2009)

'The road starts metaled for the first third but from then on it is fairly rough all the way and would be extremly difficult without a 4x4. The ford is aprox 1 car length long and 6-8" deep with a rocky base. traveling eastward you exit the ford through a gate which may entail getting your feet wet as there is little space between water and gate.'

SN524301 (3*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Andrew Babbs and Hiroyuki & Kumiko Kasahara (02/09/2004)

'This ford has a concrete base, with the road edges being marked with (dilapidated) black and white marker posts. Unusually for a ford which is about 2-3 car lengths across, there is no footbridge. The ford is suitable for all vehicles. Water depth of about 3 inches.'

Capal Isaac
SN575259 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Hiroyuki & Kumiko Kasahara (02/09/2004)

'A small and shallow ford with footbridge only'

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SN569452 Image Wanted!

SN595221 (4*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Christine Conely (01/05/2003)

One of the best fords in Wales and well worth a visit. A 12 inch splash down for approx. 30 metres means that this is a ford which makes petrol drivers nervous.

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SN846362 Image Wanted!

Cwm Bran (x3!)

SN753284 Image Wanted!
SN752275 Image Wanted!
SN765271 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Andrew Ilott (13/07/2007)

'Taken after a few days rain, but might just be runoff from fields. The main stream runs under the road.'

SN258122 (1*) Suitable for All
Sent in by JK Dunphy (31/12/2004)

'Small ford approx 50 yds from junction. Concrete based, approx 6 inches deep, about 5 metres width. Scenic setting. All vehicles.'

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SN378123 Image Wanted!
Sent in by Andrew Babbs

'The stream passes diagonally under the road in a culvert. There is no footbridge so at times of high water flow the ford would only be passable by vehicle.'

SN510394 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by JK Dunphy (25/01/2005)

'Approx 5 metres wide 20 cms deep.'

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Eithen (x2!)

SN744413 Image Wanted!
SN743414 Image Wanted!

SN612190 (3*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Hiroyuki & Kumiko Kasahara (02/09/2004)

'Abundant water is running but shallow, and any type of car can go through. Ford sign is placed on A483 side. On A476 side there is a signe which states height restriction only.'

SN270267 (3*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by JK Dunphy (31/12/2004)

'Travelling North turn right at Parish Church and Llanvinio Farm. Red warning sign 'Not suitable for Motor Vehicle'. Tarmaced section turns 1/2 way down 1 mile track to stony, heavily rutted, steep track through wooded vale to ford. Ford is at junction of a stream and a small river. 'Soft' bed of mud and small size gravel, approximate 2-3 feet deep in places approx 25 metres across. 4WD only. Two wooden footbridges upstream from ford. Care needed as very slippery if wet.'

Felingwm Uchaf
SN508245 (2*) Restricted Access
Sent in by Andrew Babbs (23/03/2014)

“The ford is immediately adjacent to, but at a lower level than the B4310. It provides access to a house on the far side of the stream. The road may be a private one and therefore permission may be required to drive through. Nevertheless, a quite pretty location and may be easily observed from the B road.”

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SN633444 Image Wanted!
Sent in by John Walton

Geograph Link

SN647459 (3*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Hiroyuki & Kumiko Kasahara (02/09/2004)

'Water runs fast, but not deep. Concrete base ford with footbridge.'

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SN575261 Image Wanted!

SN502299 (1*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Andrew Babbs and Hiroyuki & Kumiko Kasahara (02/09/2004)

'This is a small ford down a lane which only just qualifies as a ‘yellow road’ – the surfacing has been worn away for considerable distances. The tarmac road finishes either side of the ford, the base of which is stream bed stones (though with one piece of broken paving slab thrown in to ease the drop down from the tarmac. This is not a ford to be taken at speed on account of the steps down to the stream channel – though was negotiable with an ordinary car. Distance from tarmac to tarmac is just over a car’s length. There is also a decrepit footbridge up stream of the ford, with handrail and one railway sleeper and red/white plastic tape to warn of its poor state. Water depth in the ford was 4-6 inches, depending upon the hollows in the stream bed.'

Glan-Sannan-uchaf (x2!)

SN558237 (4*) Suitable for All
SN563234 (1*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Hiroyuki & Kumiko Kasahara (Image 1: 02/09/2004), Tracy Ingham (Image 2: 29/10/2004) and Fred ? (Image3: 19/10/2010)

'Big ford on a farm road (Image 1). It is has a cobbled stone surface with some concrete repairs, and forms the crest of a weir- the river bed drops approximately 1.9m immediately downstream (Image 2).

'The second ford is only passable by off road motorcycles too much for this bike I had to turn back very overgrown across the water the base is quite rocky and about a foot deep (Image 3)'

SN290174 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Andrew Babbs and JK Dunphy (14/08/2004)

'The ford is south of the railway line. River and road pass through adjacent arches under the railway. The road then turns east to parallel the railway and immediately crosses the river by means of the (full time) ford. The approach ramps are gentle and the base is part concrete, part black-top. River depth was about 2-3 inches and length of ford is about 15 feet. There is no depth gauge by the ford, but there is one graduated in metres opposite an Environment Agency monitoring station which is sandwiched between the Ford and the railway. The footbridge is upstream of the ford immediately adjacent to the railway bridge. There is a Ford/Rhyd warning sign at the entry to the lane close to the junction with the A40.'

Gwernogle (x2!)

SN529344 (3*) Suitable for All
SN531338 (2*) Restricted Access
Sent in by Hiroyuki & Kumiko Kasahara (Image 1: 02/09/2004) and Kevin Dunphy (Image 2: 25/01/2005)

'Image 1 shows the ford in northern part of the village. It is a wide ford but any type vehicle will be able to manage it. Beyond the ford, the lane becomes narrow and vehicles could not go further. (Two fords are shown on the map at this location, but we could see only one)

Image 2 is towards the south entrance of the village and seems to be for private access only.'

SN695367 (2*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Christine Conely (01/05/2003)

'This is quite a small Ford, but it bumps down sharply in the middle and as such, may not be suitable for non 4x4s.'

'Just to let you know that the above ford has had some of the large cobble brick washed away in recent floods, if approaching from the main road best to keep to the r/h side as there is about a 2ft deep drop, advised by the local farmer there that it was flooded for about 40yrds!'Steve Henderson

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SN637434 Image Wanted!

SN576043 (3*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by David Harris (01/04/2008)

'The road is an old unused road, there was evidence of tractor tyres going from one side. Nice one to add to a days laning route. Deeper than it looks.'

SN301106 (1*) Restricted Access
Sent in by Hiroyuki & Kumiko Kasahara (02/09/2004)

'The ford is located just beside the castle, with footbridge and gauge, but vehicles can not pass through.'

'The ford has about a 1 foot drop off onto loose stone and shingle with a few small rocks, the climb out is the same, extremely slippy and soft." Steve Chadney

Llwyn Celyn
SN586320 (1*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Fred ? (19/10/2010)

'The ford is passable by all vehicles only 4" deep when we were there but I'm sure that will change with heavy rain.'

SN636163 (1*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by David Harris (01/04/2008)

'The Ford is just as you come out of the woods. This is a small Ford but only 4WD's due to the condition of the road.'

Newcastle Emlyn
SN301404 (2*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Andrew Babbs (05/01/2005)

‘The ford is on a narrow lane immediately to the west of Newcastle Emlyn. The lane provides access to properties either side of the ford, though its surfacing leaves a little to be desired. With care, the ford can be reached by car – but a 4x4 might be a better bet! The ford has a loose stone base and, on my visit Nant Sarah was about 4 inches deep (after a fairly wet period). Driving through was straight forward – it was more fun climbing the lane to the west over smooth natural rock with just front wheel drive for traction!’

SN614176 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Hiroyuki & Kumiko Kasahara (02/09/2004)

A typical narrow lane ford with a short but reasonable splash-down. The narrowness of the lane does reduce the possibility of fast access, particularly with the proximity of blind bends at either side.

SN472288 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Andrew Babbs and Hiroyuki & Kumiko Kasahara (02/09/2004)

'This is a well kept concrete based ford just south of the Brechfa to Llanllawddog road, on a gated yellow road to Dan-y-graig Farm. The footbridge is on the downstream side. Extremely easy to negotiate in a car, the approach and departure angles are gentle. Water depth was about 2 inches on my visit.'

Pen-y-groes (x3!)

SN742389 (1*) Irish Bridge
SN743389 (1*) Irish Bridge
SN748387 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Austin Shackles (22/10/2004)

'The first ford I chickened out of driving through. The guard rails are something like 3ft high at the top, which made the water a good 18" deep, more on the upstream side, and very fast-flowing, and although I was a Land Rover Discovery, it has a spark-ignition engine... the river crossing runs north-south on a little-used minor road. The upstream rails have wire netting on them, which traps debris nicely (Image 1)

The second ford is on the middle (north-south) leg of a T junction. From previous observations, this one is the least likely to be deep - I think it's because the water has more room to spread around and more chance to escape. Today it was about 9" I should think, and easily passable in the Discovery, also a chap with a Subaru Forester crossed it with no trouble. The water tends to spread along the eastern leg of the T. The water levels shown today are after about 12 hours of heavy rain, and are fairly uncommon, although it's not that uncommon to have an inch or two of water in wet weather. (Images 2 & 3)

The final ford is further down the eastern leg of the road from SN743388. The water spreads a long way either side, and the eastern end is a bid nerve-wracking, as you can't tell where the tarmac is under the water. In the view looking west, the tarmac is towards the left side of the picture. This one was about 12" at the deepest bit, I reckon. (Image 4)'

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Rhiw (x2!)

SN609261 Image Wanted!
SN608261 Image Wanted!

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SN649471 Image Wanted!

SN744244 (1*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Hiroyuki & Kumiko Kasahara (02/09/2004)

'It is a small and shallow ford. There are no ford signs.'

SN577086 (3*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by David Harris (01/04/2008)

'Access to the Ford is via the Campsite on one side - no issues, but there is a farm on the otherside, with a home made sign saying no-through road, I asked the farmer (I was in a 4x4) and he said it was ok as long as I knew I had to drive the Ford. I would say this is an easy ford but only 4x4's should use it as it's more than a small splash ! There is a substantial footbridge upstream.'

Whitland Abbey
SN207181 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by JK Dunphy (14/08/2004)

'If 4WD, then can be approached from Whitland, turning at the junction with Whitland Co-op Corner shop, go over new bypass and immediately right down narrow tarmaced lane which changes to a stony muddy track. Turn right at 'T' junction after approx. 1 mile, ford at bottom of hill. Otherwise all vehicles turn left at SN211170 off A40(T) and left again down narrow lane shortly afterwards before left again oppo Whitland Abbey farm.'

Y Foel
SN757460 (2*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Austin Shackles (16/02/2006)

'There's rarely any more water than that - the picture is taken after several days' rain. The road and ford-bed are unmetalled but is in fact a county-maintained road. Further up the road is the subject of a TRO due to over-use by off-roaders. It's a bit rough but passable in a normal car, with care.'

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