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SJ971676 (2*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Rik Griffin (21/03/2005)

Info from Mike Taylor:
' 'The view shown is looking east across the river to a path which allows pedestrians to avoid the ford by crossing on a footbridge (out of shot) and walking alongside the river. The path is sometimes used by bikes, mountain bikers I think. In reality the road turns right once in the water followed by an 80 metre trundle down the river bed to where a wide access point allows vehicles to leave the river on the eastern bank and follow a rocky unsealed lane to the A54 Buxton Congleton road. The lane and ford comprise an unclassified county road, it is only really possible by 4x4, I drove it in a Land Rover a few years ago. Most of the time the river depth is OK but it needs checking carefully in winter and after heavy rain.'

SJ608475 (3*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Jim Johnson and Iain? (08/08/2003)

This one is quite challenging. Deep on my summer visit and probably very deep in Winter. During low flows it is about 5 car lengths long, but could swell to quite a bit more. Accompinied with depth boards and signs. It is on a dead end from both sides! Image 2 sent in by Jim Johnson (21/07/2004) shows Aston in flood.

'I measured the water at my time of visit (last weekend) at 12" deep. The water was crystal clear. It looks though when the wet season comes the water will be murky. There is a depth chart as a point of reference the adjacent bridge (foot part) was 24" above the water when I visited. According to the local farmer it can cover the bridge. The goods news is the bridge acts as a dam during flooding to make the water still more than rushing so you wont get swept away. The farmer did say that several vehicles visit the ford during flooding and on occasion some have bailed out, although if they did get stuck he would help - for a price. Finally, when deep the length of the ford can double.' Earl Taylor

'I attempted to cross this ford in the middle of January in my Jeep Cherokee and came unstuck. It gets deep very quickly and the water came over the top of the bonnet and started to leak into the vehicle, my engine starting billowing out white smoke, i managed to stop and reverse out very quickly but the engine cut out and kept smoking. Eventually i got the vehicle going again and it looks like it's ok, but i would advise others to be very careful befreo attempting this ford, don't make my mistake and go gung-ho for it!' Pete Newell

SJ716453 (3*) Suitable for All
Sent in by John Roberts (Image 1: 28/04/2014) and Jim Johnson (Image 1 Mouseover: 21/07/2004)

'The ford is on a bend on a very quiet country lane. It is about 22 meters long, and 6 inches deep. The middle of the ford has a new resurfaced concrete base.'

Higher Walton
SJ593844 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Roger Westwood (Image 1: 22/07/2007) and Mark Stevens (Image 2: 11/09/2008)

'Considering the amount of rain I was expecting more than a trickle (Image 1), but this is marked as a ford from both directions. In previous years it killed the engine of a car of a lad that used to work for us - it is much more impressive in flood (Image 2)'

SJ513599 (1*) Restricted Access
Sent in by Iain, Warrington (10/03/2004)

'Ford Lane, Newton is signposted as a dead end but the track is very good until the actual ford. Crimes Lane is also signed as a dead end but with a very good surface all the way to the ford. The ford is not suitable for cars due to being too narrow. Motorcycles should have no problems. The water was about 30cm deep today. Nice stone footbridge for pedestrians.' Additioanl info from Mike Taylor:

'Whilst it looks very narrow and muddy the bottom is quite hard and it is wide enough to take a vehicle with a narrow track. I have been through in a Suzuki Jeep and it would take a Series One Land Rover or an airportable Land Rover. Wider vehicles may have a problem. A few years ago the County Council dammed the stream, pumped the water round the ford and installed a hard bottom of concrete slabs, these have now been covered with silt but they do provide a good hard bottom. The exit ramps at both ends are a bit steep but are no problem for a 4x4 and the track both sides of the ford is easy going for a 4x4 but not a conventional car.'

SJ840712 (1*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Mike Taylor (Image 1: 11/04/2005) and Marc Asquith (Image 2: 05/09/2017)

'On the Ordnance Survey map this route is shown as a public footpath but it is also an unclassified county road running from Siddington village to the A34 Congleton Rd. The road and the ford is strictly 4x4 only and the ford has an accompanying footbridge for pedestrians. The ford is only about 4 metres wide and sandy bottomed. In summer it runs about 20 to 30 cm deep but can be deeper in winter. The approach ramps are steep and rutted showning use, probably by motor bikes.'

SJ805673 (4*) Suitable for All
(Image 1: 20/07/2003) and Image 2 sent in by Ernie Feargrieve (31/12/2015)

A cracking ford, shallow on this visit but with the potential to be a monster. Signs warn motorists that it is a deep ford with no space to turn around. Although something of a lie, It may be true in winter. The ford is about 20m long and on this visit 3" deep. Access is easy and the ford has a concrete bottom throughout. Mouseover sent in by Paul Macready (28/07/2003)

'I was over in that area yesterday looking at a watermill so swung by to see if the ford was high (brook that feeds the mill I was photographing was 7feet higher than normal). Both ends of Sandy Lane were blocked with 'Road Closed' signs. No explanation and the signs looked like they been in place for a long time. Down at the ford was another sign.' Iain

SJ463511 (3*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Mike Taylor (17/04/2005)

'The ford is on a short unsurfaced unclassified county road which runs to Lowcross Hill which at its northern end is very narrow, probably limiting use of the ford and road to motorcycles. The ford is about one car length and in summer weather about 20 cm deep with a reasonably solid sandy bottom. A new footbridge has been installed next to the ford replacing a much more attractive older footbridge. The photograph is taken from the western side of the ford near the Malpas Farndon road. '

SJ502757 (1*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Roger Westwood (14/07/2008)

'It is driveable though the track gets very narrow after the ford if you take the UCR from East to West, I opted to reverse back up (there's nowhere to turn round!) Only really suitable for for wheel drive vehicles as there's a bit of a drop into the water.'

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