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ST678142 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Helen Lorentzon (Image 1: 18/11/2014 and Image 2: 02/09/2002) and Hector Fiennes (02/09/2015)

'Although this is not signposted as a ford but it clearly is! Signposts stating "road liable to flooding" are at both ends though (Image 1). It's a tarmac bottom so a good surface and the hedgerows will keep you on the road. As for directions, turn into Holt Lane at Bishops Caundle, take the first left onto "Tut Hill" and when flooded the fun begins after the second corner (Image 2). Using the crude method of walking through it with a stick I would say it reached nearly 3-4 feet in depth and it goes on a LONG way, forget car lengths, it goes on for nearly 100 yards (round the corner there's a lot more)!'

ST484013 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Nicholas Woollett (09/06/2003)

'The ramps are quite steep and would be a problem if you were towing anything. The water was also running swiftly'

Binghams Melcombe
ST774017 (3*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Nicholas Woollett and Mike Mears (05/09/2004)

'Quite an angled concrete base, U-shaped rather then flat. Bridge to the south. Approx. 1' deep in spring. Should be taken at a low speed in a road car because of the angle of the base.'

Bishops Caundle
ST703126 (1*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Hector Fiennes (02/09/2015)

'Rocky base, about 5 - 6 inches deep after a dry period. Fills up quickly during rainy periods, and gets very full in winter. No footbridge, signs or depth gauge.'

SY893936 (1*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by John Walton (22/10/2015)

'This ford is found at Lower Crift.'

SY666834 (3*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by David Wilson (14/05/2008)

'Connecting two minor roads just off the main A354, and parallel to the main road. About 100m long along the bed of the river Wey and 30cm deep, but the approaches are poorly maintained and there's a drop of perhaps 50cm off the concrete apron at the end. Not generally used as so easy to slip out on to the main road and back.'

Broom Hill (x2!)

SU038030 (1*) Irish Bridge
SU041033 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Graham Hardy (26/08/2008)

'Two Irish bridges within a few hundreds yards of each other; both with Ford/TYB signs and depth gauges but very little else, although the 2nd does have a footbridge (just visible behind the depth gauge) and is called Bowering's Water according to the 1:25000 OS map.'

Charminster (x2!)

SY678934 (4*) Off-Roaders Only!
SY679927 (3*) Restricted Access
Sent in by Ben Mottram, Martin Vaughan (Images 1 & 2: 31/08/2007) and David Holme (Image 3: 09/07/09)

'It is fun - I stalled a 6 Wheel Ford Transit in it many years ago and had to haul out on the starter motor - the water was about 18" deep at the time. I have also (in the summer) tackled it in a Triumph Spitfire, which was fun, if damp.'

'There is also a second ford at Charminster located adjacent to the church. No real motor vehicle access. Very picturesque location (Image 3).'

Chetnole (x2!)

ST604075 (4*) Off-Roaders Only!
ST602084 (2*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Andrew Ilott (Images 1 and 2: 01/05/2007) and Helen Lorentzen (Image 3: 29/03/2012)

'Follows the Wriggle River for about 45-50 yds, approx 8" deep and 12-14" in places. Gravel riverbed. The western approach is tarmac right up to the water with a step down of 4". There are a few overhanging branches. The eastern approach is a lot rougher, with large concrete slabs set into the trackway so high ground clearance is necessary. Deep ford" and "Unsuitable for motors" signs.'

'The second is down the aptly named "Deep Ford Lane" and is clearly marked "deep ford". The road leading to the ford is single track and suitable for most except heavy and very wide vehicles (easily get a 4x4 down there). The approach (both ways) is downhill. There is a concrete entry and the bottom of the ford is paved, it is quite slippery but I managed it ok on my motorbike. The approach I took (from Leigh) has a fairly gentle entry into the ford but BE WARNED there is a step (obscured in the water) as you come out which made my heart skip a beat. I would advise any users to keep it smooth and slow. The ford itself was about 6 inches deep when I tackled it and we have had very dry weather here for months now. It is a river and I can see it has the potential to get very deep after some rain.'

Dewlish Mill
SY779993 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Martin Vaughan (29/06/2006)

East Holme (x2!)

SY895859 (2*) Suitable for All
SY894857 (2*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Nicholas Woollett (09/06/2003)

'First is in the middle of the village of East Holme. Full compliment of signs and a depth gauge, often known to read 2' during winter months. Second is just off the main highway, concrete base, no signs. Infrequent use and overhanging trees mean the roads either side are slippery.'

Fifehead Neville
ST771111 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Hiroyuki & Kumiko Kasahara (19/05/2004), Mike Mears (22/05/2004) and Helen Lorentzen (30/12/2012)

'When we went there, the whole bottom was exposed due to the dry weather. But overflow after rainy days could be easily imagined, looking at length of the bottom and height of the footbridge.'

'Even when not in flood it's quite fast flowing, when in flood it's a no go not only because of the extreme depth but because it's running so fast. A new LED "FORD" sign has been erected when turning into Dark Lane.'

Fifehead St Quintin (x2!)

ST772098 (2*) Suitable for All
ST769104 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Helen Lorentzen (Images 1 and 2: 30/12/2012) and John Walton (Image 3: 03/07/2015)

'Solid concrete base, about 12ft in length when not in flood. No depth guage, metal railings to one side, footbridge to other. Ford signs from both directions. Photo's of when in flood and not. When in flood the flow is extremely fast and I would not recommend it (Images 1 and 2). Image 3 shows the Irish Bridge on the adjacent lane.

Link to geograph

ST807279 (4*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Simon Pryce (14/09/2003)

'A sign on the approach from the main road warns of a 6’6" width limit on the bridge or a deep ford. Driven the same day, the water was fairly low but I wouldn’t have taken a normal car through it. First two pics are from the east side, third one from the west. It is about 30m wide with steep concrete ramps each side, so can get quite lot deeper without getting much wider. The gravel river bed has reasonably good traction but has been eroded at the base of the eastern ramp, so there’s quite a bump going either way, especially coming out.' Info from Steve Jackson:
'I am pleased to report that Colesbrook ford has reopened to all traffic. Dorset County Council's contractor has done a very nice job putting in a concrete base and all that is left to do is put in a depth gauge.'

Holt Heath
SU063050 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by John Walton (31/01/2016)

'This ford is found on Burt's Lane at Holt Heath.'

Kingston Russell
SY572894 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by John Walton (03/07/2015)

'This ford is found at Watergate in Kingston Russell.'

ST777088 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Helen Lorentzen (18/02/2014)

'It's on Kitford Lane, Kitford, nr Ibberton. Ford signs in both directions, concrete base. Fast flowing when in flood (photo is after sustained heavy rain), 6 inches deep with footbridge.'

SY499978 (3*) Suitable for All
Sent in by John Walton (30/03/2016)

'This ford runs for about 40 metres along the road beside West Loscombe Farm.'

Lower Holwell
SU076122 (1*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Kevin Inkley (20/08/2010)

'On a 'route with public access' on the river Crane. i came down the 'lane' from the Heavy Horse Centre and followed the lane round the right hand bend down to the ford. There are no signs. 4x4 only if approaching from horse centre, could be done in a car down to ford and accross but would need to turn round and come back the same way. easy in and out both sides with a clean gravel bottom, approx 3 meters wide and about 15cm deep.'

Lower Wraxall
ST576008 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Nick Woollett (26/04/2006)

'The track beyond the ford is a bridlepath to Chilfrome so vehicle access is banned. There is a delightul footbridge on the right and depth of Ford is probabaly fairly constant at about 6 inches.'

ST743129 (2*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Andrew Ilott (16/05/2007)

'Modern bridge beside a 4 to 6" deep ford. Muddy roadways with gravel ramps and riverbed. 2 or 3" lips on both entry and exit. Large lip (4") onto concrete nearest the camera.'

Lyme Regis
SY340924 (4*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Graham Davis (Image 1: 07/07/2009) and Max Lowry (Image 2: 29/09/2009)

'About 100metres long, varying in depth from very shallow to not very deep!!. Does not look to have been used by a motor vehicle for some time, but I think the local kids may well play in it. Slope at the north end could easily be driven but at the southern end there is a step of a couple of inches up onto the stone work. Surface is natural, varying from sand to fairly large stones and should only be attempted in a 4x4.'

ST746061 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Helen Lorentzen (18/08/2013)

'There's no ford signs but it does say "road liable to flooding" and the stream is only a couple of inches down from the road surface."

Melbury Osmond
ST575076 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Hiroyuki & Kumiko Kasahara (16/08/2004)

ST966146 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Graham Dance (07/06/2003)

'Part time ford with an Irish bridge. Can be very high in the winter, road to the east floods and is often closed. Photo taken from the north'

SY805896 (5*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Graham Dance (Image 1: 07/06/2003) and David Holme (Image 2: 07/07/09)

'Image 1 taken from southern end, aprox. 60 yards wide. Fine gravel base, gated either side but they were open. 4x4 or boat only, looked a bit deep for a car. Unsure of usage, possible access to Snelling Farm but the OPRA through the forest to the north "goes" in a road car'

'Another point to note is the TE Lawrence’s grave is in the churchyard just by the ford' Peter Wells

Nether Compton
ST595173 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Helen Lorentzen (30/12/2012)

'This is disappointing to be honest but signposted as a ford nonetheless. It is the unnamed road north of Flax Lane. Ford sign from the east approach only, tarmac throughout and never seen a spot of water in it!'

SY548887 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by John Walton (03/07/2015)

'This ford is found at Looke Farm in Puncknowle.'

ST562023 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Hiroyuki & Kumiko Kasahara (16/08/2004)

'An Irish bridge with footbridge. The sign states "Road Liable to Flooding" only, instad of "Ford".'

ST783302 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Hiroyuki & Kumiko Kasahara (19/05/2004)

'A small ford with sign and footbridge.'

SZ180941 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Marcel Fleming (22/08/2007)

'The ford at Somerford is actually an irish bridge at the end of a deadend lane at a T junction with a bridleway. Next to the bridge you can drive through the river, but I would only recommend this in a 4x4 as the approach was quite rutted and anything smaller would ground. The river has a gravel bottom to it and had around 5" water when I visited. There is a sign, footbridge but no depth markings.'

ST913024 (3*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by John Walton (31/01/2016)

'This ford at Spetisbury affords access to the disused cricket pitch from the main A350.'

Sydling St Nicholas
ST634002 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Graham Whiting (17/04/2004)

'It's a ford I've been driving for nearly 20 years in a variety of vehicles ranging from an MG midget to a Vauxhall Frontera. Only ever had a problem once, in a Peugeot 304 hire car. Soaked the engine bay and couldn't get the bonnet open, had to phone the AA!'

Tarrant Monkton
ST945090 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Graham Dance (07/06/2003)

'Concrete base, can get very full in the winter. Footbridge and full set of signs'

'The ford appeared in the Dr. Who episode "The Wakening" first shown in January 1984.' Simon Holland>

Tarrant Rushton
ST936052 (3*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Graham Dance (07/06/2003)

'Provided access to Tarrant Rushton until the bridge to the north was built, it now shows little evidence of being used. Gravel and sand base, would recommend 4x4 access only. Very picturesque.'

SZ118959 (5*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Graham Dance (07/06/2003)

'Tarmac ORPA on the eastern side, grass track accross the floodplain to the west. Tributary of the River Stour with a footbridge on the southern side, aprox. 80 yards wide, looks fairly deep and has a loose gravel/sand bottom. Dodgy even in a 4x4.'

I have received complaints from the Hurn Estate that 4x4 drivers are passing through the ford across the tributary of the Stour near Throop and then attempting to go on further through the water meadows beyond the field gate. The UCR is "No Through Road" and no attempt should be made to continue any further beyond the field gate. The old ford further on at SZ115956 known as "Pig Shoot Ford" was dredged in the 1970's by the river authority as part of a flood alleviation schem and is now approx 10 feet deep! Need a submarine.

Turners Puddle (x2!)

SY829932 (3*) Off-Roaders Only!
SY830933 (3*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Graham Dance (07/06/2003) and Michael Roots (04/08/2004)

'Southern-most of two fords along the same ORPA, gravel and sand bottom. Photo taken from the SW. Roads either side of ford are fine but 4x4 only through it'

Up Sydling
ST629010 (1*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Helen Lorentzen (Image 1: 18/08/2013 and Image 2: 22/12/2014)

'6" deep after a couple of weeks of heavy rain (Image 2), a meter wide, concrete base with a paved/tiled entry and exit. No "Ford" signs and no depth gauge, road is also a dead end but no signposts to state that. Normally dry (Image 1).

SY511935 (2*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by John Walton (30/03/2016)

'This ford is found on the River Asker in the entrance to Upton Manor Farm. The road leading down to the ford has subsided and is currently closed.'

West Stafford
SY738903 (2*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Kevin Inkley (04/06/2007)

'We approached from the North side down the Lane, lots of gates, muddy as used by the farm for live stock. The Ford itself is across the river in a meadow which is part of the flood plain and the ground was soft as we had a lot of rain Bank holiday Sunday!!!! But it didn't cut up with careful driving. Not sure if it would be a good idea to come at it from the South due to the shallow but peaty climb out…… The water was approx 2 foot deep with a firm base, entry from the north side was 'peaty' the exit was a small climb but firm'

White Lackington
SY709984 (1*) Suitable for All
Sent in by John Walton (03/07/2015)

'This ford on the River Piddle is found on Swan Lane in White Lackington. '

ST608066 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Hector Fiennes (02/09/2015)

'Concrete bottom with dilapidated footbridge. No signs of depth gauge.'

ST602052 (1*) Suitable for All
Sent in by John Walton (30/03/2016)

'This ford is found at Woolcombe.'

Wrackleford (x2!)

SY668928 (3*) Off-Roaders Only!
SY668928 (3*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Mike Mears (Image 1: 20/08/2007) and David Holme (Image 2: 09/07/2009)

'Two fords on an Unclassified County Road close to Lower Wrackleford Farm. Both are very deep (approx 2 feet) and suitable only for 4x4's but I'd suggest a Snorkel as well. The second is also quite fast flowing so you need low range difflock as the back end tends to get pushed downstream.'

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