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TQ278645 (2*) Restricted Access
Sent in by Micael Cassidy (06/06/2007)

'Carshalton pond has a ford type feature. It is situated in the London Borough of Sutton and is just off the High Street opposite the Greyhound public house. There is a chain across one end of it so it is clearly not now intended for use. As there is a perfectly good road bridge crossing the pond it is difficult to see why there should be a ford in this particular position. However, years ago it was provided for horse drawn wagons. Firstly to give the horse or horses a drink, and secondly, in hot, dry weather, to wet the wheels so that the wood expanded to make a tight fit with the steel tyres. The depth was between about 30cm and 50cm.'

TQ262863 (2*) Restricted Access
Sent in by Michael Cassidy (30/11/2007)

'It is in the London Borough of Camden and on one of the highest parts of Hampstead Heath. Like Mitcham and Carshalton, it appears to have no real fording purpose. The water is in the form of a triangular pond with brick sides and a concrete bottom. The depth was 30 to 45cm. when photographed. Along each of its three sides there is a road, so there seems to be no need to go through the water, but the entry and exit slopes are clearly seen. My guess is that its purpose was to give horses a drink. Whichever way one approaches the pond the road is up hill to a greater or lesser extent, so the horses would have been thirsty after their exertions. In dry weather it would also help the wooden wheels to grip the steel tyres.'

TQ279688 (2*) Restricted Access
Sent in by Micael Cassidy (12/06/2007)

'This ford is more of a pseudo ford. It has a roadway that goes into the water, and a roadway that comes out, but like the one at Carshalton its primary purpose is thought to be the welfare of the horses and wagons. Horses could drink the water and, in hot weather, the dry wooden wagon wheels could soak up water, expand, and make a good grip on the steel tyre. There was a lot of weed and rubbish in the water, but the depth appeared to be about 60cm.'

Thames Tidal Roads (x4!)

TQ217779 (1*) Tidal
TQ238759 (1*) Tidal
TQ176747 (1*) Tidal
TQ179707 (1*) Tidal
Images sent in by John Cooper (08/01/2007)

'The Thames can flood quite often, usually after a full moon, when the tides are at their highest. Normal tides do not cover the roads'

'There is a tidal embankment in Putney TQ238758 (Images 1 & 2), part of which gets flooded during high tides (which has caught out many people I know!!!)' Simon Stocks

'Also, the riverside road just off the Chiswick Roundabout has a warning sign on it to the effect that the road floods with the tide, and not to leave a car unattended. The sign is clearly visible from the evening queue westbound on the A4.' Jon Swan

'Tidal flooding can occur at various other points further upstream, notably Raneleigh Drive, Twickenham (Image 3) and outside the White Cross Hotel, Richmond TQ172747 and, when the tide overtops Teddington lock, even further upstream, on Lower Ham Road, TQ177707.' Timothy Lidbetter

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