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Happy fording (and keeping it safe)

Insurance cover for your off road vehicle is necessary, but it need not be too costly if you shop around. You can now easily find cheap car insurance while over the internet - but don’t forget to make sure they will cover your off-road activities. Remember - vehicle insurance coverage doesn’t cost, it pays! Finding affordable car insurance is not that difficult but does take some researching if you want additional coverage for such instances as driving over wetroads and fording those “swamps” we four-wheelers love to find. Insurance companies tend to frown on such activities because they can be costly and occur all too often here in the UK, so don’t forget to check your existing policy for coverage, especially if you plan on participating in a fording trip because you may be sorely disappointed if you send in a claim only to discover your cover does not apply. Finding yourself some cheap car insurance is possible but always read the fine print in regards to exactly what is covered and what is not.

Natural disasters may not apply

Many of the higher-rated insurance providers do provide cover for damages such as those that occur when hitting a ford or flooded roadway. But in some cases, they may consider flooded roads to be some form of natural disaster - or even an “act of God” - and somewhere in the policy’s fine print will be noted that such instances are not covered, so it pays to read your policy thoroughly. Ask your insurance agent to go over the wording with you and explain anything you are unclear of. Your comprehensive cover should include some form of flooding damage, but may not allow for deep water crossings in which your entire vehicle becomes submerged (or nearly so).

Always be prepared for flooded roadways

Depending on the season of the year there can be plenty of flooded roadways around the UK and being able to navigate them without being washed away takes a bit of preparation - and thought. Firstly, do not cross when you cannot be certain of the water’s depth over the road, even if you have a four wheel drive vehicle. Even those who are expert at traversing fords and flooded byways do not always know exactly where the bottom is. While it only takes a few inches of rushing water to take you and your vehicle downstream, remember you will no longer be steering or in control of the situation.

Providing coverage for flooded cars keeps insurance cost up

Whilst on the subject of deep water fording, you must realise that an insurance company will be aware of the popular wetroads and may well put two and two together if your damage claim comes from such an area and is for your four wheeler. Reading that fine print on coverage will help assure you can file a claim without being refused due to “act of God” denial.

It always pays to compare car insurance cost

The old statement of “it doesn’t hurt to ask” is especially true when looking for car insurance. Getting a quote is free and the only cost to you is some time, which will be well spent. Some insurance providers offer better pricing for their comprehensive coverage and should give a list of prices based on the amount of deductible charged. In other words, coverage would be higher when coupled with a lower deductible, which must be applied before any claims are paid. Having insurance coverage for your vehicle, no matter what your taste in automobiles and style of driving, does not cost nearly as much as it pays if you ever need it.

What about commercial vehicles?

If your car is used for commercial activities, then you must make sure you are adequately covered for those additional activities. There are a multitude of companies out there who specialise in commercial vehicle insurance. Special terms are also needed for public and private hire vehicles.

How to buy cheap insurance for young drivers

Recent data shows that the average car insurance premium has gone up by a staggering 31 per cent over the last year or so. Although the majority of drivers have been affected by this rise, young drivers in particular seem to be struggling to find a fairly priced car insurance policy. According to the AA, the average annual premium for male drivers aged between 17 and 22 cost a minimum of £3,163 in January of this year. One of the reasons why car insurance is so costly for young drivers is that due to their young age, they have had no time to build a no-claims driving record, which would substantially lower their premiums. While there is not much that can be done about this fact, except to wait, there are other ways of obtaining cheap insurance for young drivers. The single most effective thing that can be done to find cheap insurance for young drivers is to shop around. By using price comparison sites, young drivers could bring their premiums down substantially. These websites can provide young drivers with dozens of quotes in a matter of minutes. It is important that if you see a quote that seems to suit your budget, you proceed and buy it as soon as possible, since it is predicted that car insurance premiums will continue to rise by an average of 44 pence per day. Buying car insurance online is safe, convenient, and more importantly, cheaper. Young drivers can also reduce their premiums by taking the Pass Plus course, paying in one single installment, adding a more experienced driver to their policy, and increasing the security features of their vehicle, therefore lowering the overall perceived risks with which they are commonly associated.

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