Lothian & Falkirk
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NT433633 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by John Brown (Image 1: 14/05/2003) and Robert Tracey (Image 2: 20/07/2009)

'The little asphalt roads twists down and up again through some sharp bends to pass through this good little ford in a pretty wooded setting. Concrete bottom (breaking up - there are some potholes either side, too), footbridge, Ford signs. About a car's length across and an inch or so deep.'

Cramond Island Tidal Causeway
NT193777 (2*) Tidal
Sent in by John Brown (14/05/2003)

'Cramond is a charming waterside village, worth a visit. It might be possible to drive a vehicle over this 1,000-yard tidal masonry causeway, but you aren't allowed to try. A bike may be OK.'

'Yes, it's perfectly cyclable. Occasionally bumpy, but ok for hybrid or MTB. Pleasant waterside cycle track takes you all the way to Leith, making the Cramond Island traverse a nice half day bike trip from Edinburgh. Blog Entry

Darent House
NT586664 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by John Brown (14/05/2003)

'Since the first Ford sign was a distant one at 1 mile, I was expecting something special, but not quite like this: a ford that's also a cattle grid, with a full set of signs for each. No sign of any water, though.'

Dodridge Farm
NT414653 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Robert Tracey (20/07/2009)

'Small single track road, footbridge, Ford signs have been removed, never seen this wet.'

NT132650 (1*) DECEASED!
Sent in by John MacKenzie (03/01/2005)

'The ford is near to Haugh Head Farm. There is a sign for it at one side but the sign is facing the wrong direction, i.e. after you drive through the ford you see the sign saying FORD but driving in the other direction you wouldn't see the sign, at the other side is an empty sign post, but no sign. I'm sure there used to be two signs in the correct direction! As you will see from the photos there is a footbridge and a depth gauge/marker which goes to six feet.

The ford is I believe and Irish bridge, nowadays, and the water usually flows below the road, but the day before I took the photos there was at least six inches on the 'surface'. (it was at nigh, very dark and raining and I wasn't stopping to measure how deep it was!) It can usually/always be driven with care in any car.'

'City of Ediburgh council have ruined this ford, it's now a bridge (Image 2)' Update from Mark Saddler (10/07/2008)

Johnscleugh (x3!)

NT624669 (1*) Irish Bridge
NT626664 (1*) Irish Bridge
NT630661 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by John Brown (14/05/2003)

'Three part-timers on this scenic road (now getting badly potholed) over the Lammermuirs from the pretty village of Garvald. The northerly has no signs or other accoutrements, but had the most evidence of recent high tides. The middle one must be the most inoffensive little bit of road in Britain to be embellished by a full set of brand new Ford and Try Your Brakes signs - I'm glad to report that mine worked fine. The southernmost is a splendid example of a well-equipped ford, with nice new signs and a splendid white footbridge, lacking only the water.'

NT636612 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Andrew JD Smith (20/10/2005)

'An innocuous looking Irish bridge, with warning signs, but no footbridge or depth gauge.'

NT607779 (3*) Restricted Access
Sent in by John Brown (14/05/2003)

'A splendid ford about 30ft across and 6in deep, with Ford signs, no less than four depth gauges, a footbridge, and fearsome big red Dangerous Ford signs.'

Monynut Edge (x2!)

NT685691 (1*) Irish Bridge
NT693676 (1*) Irish Bridge

NT737708 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by John Brown (14/05/2003)

'Part-time ford with footbridge and signs (one sagging).'

Spott (x2!)

NT664750 (1*) Irish Bridge
NT654737 (3*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Andrew JD Smith (04/11/2004)

'The first ford is on the road between Spott and Little Spott (Image 1). There were about 8 inches of fast flowing water in this ford after heavy rain. There are depth gauges, a footbridge and warning signs. The base is concrete, but rather uneven.

The second ford is on the road between Spott and Halls near Spott Mill (Image 2). Again there is an array of warning signs and depth gauges and a footbridge. I think there are culverts to take most of the flow. The depth was 3 inches when I visited. The surface is concrete.'

NT731704 (3*) Suitable for All
Sent in by John Brown (14/05/2003)

'Concrete bottom, about a car's length across and an inch or so deep, signs (distant and home), depth gauges and footbridge.'

The Brunt (x3!)

NT685735 (1*) Irish Bridge
NT685734 (1*) Irish Bridge
NT685733 (1*) Restricted Access
Sent in by John Brown (14/05/2003)

'Three fords here: two part-timers on the yellow road, and one with water on a farm track branching off between them. Both part-timers have footbridges, the easterly one has signs.' Image 1 mouseover sent in by Andrew Smith (28/10/2004)

The Pen
NS808790 (4*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Stewart Merry (28/05/2013)

'A ford used in years gone by on local road rallies. Steep decent into a brick bottomed tunnel that exits into a deeper pool before turning onto farm track to exit.'

Thurston Mains
NT706720 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by Andrew JD Smith (20/10/2005)

'A sign to the north warns of a ford in 2 miles. But the true distance is less than one. Itís an Irish bridge without a footbridge or depth gauge.'

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