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SK637832 (2*) Restricted Access
Sent in by John Walton (07/05/2012)

'This ford on the River Ryton is almost identical to the ford downstream at Scofton but is found on a private estate.'

SK638488 (2*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by John Buckle (12/03/05)

'The ford crosses the Dover Brook, although it's not very long, has a slight incline on either side and a sandy bottom, about 6 - 9 inches deep: based on other ratings I would give it a 2-star,suitable for most vehicles. I noticed concrete blocks to one side, chained together and looking like they have been blocking the lane for a while - whether they'll go back I don't know.'

Video sent in by Steve Rutherford

SK744600 (3*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Richard Whitham (06/08/2003), Image mouseover sent in by Steve Annakin (30/04/2004)

SK671752 (4*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Chris Birkett, Mark Rogers (Image 1: 25/04/2004) and Marc (Image 2: 07/07/2009)

'Tarmac approach from NE side 35 ft wide shallowest away from footbridge 10" deepest next to footbridge 18"+, gravel and stony bottom in shallow area but some coping stones in the water near the bridge. Gravel road on SW side.'

East Leake
SK552262 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Peter D. Smith (02/11/2004)

'A delightfully superfluous little ford on Pinfold Walk, opposite the village church. A few feet across and normally about 3 inches deep, the base is the pebbly bed of the stream. The shallow ramps are made of bricks, some rather loose. There is no warning sign or depth gauge, and it is not marked on the OS Landranger or Explorer maps.'

'I drove past this a few weeks ago and it looks as if the ramps have been replaced by a six inch step on either side.' Alan John

SK676547 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Andy Moran (18/06/2004)

'It's a little but very picturesque ford on a road that doesn't appear to go anywhere (you cross the ford to a kind of cul-de-sac with a private road/track at the end that leads to an orchard (or so the sign claims)) the bottom is concrete slab & quite slippy, its just off (2-3m) the main road, but it is very very pretty.'

Hardwick Village
SK641752 (4*) Suitable for All

'Quite a long shallow ford through the River Poulter after the weir at Clumber Lake. This is on National Trust property, the road is gated and closed 19:00-08:30. It can be accessed from the A614 opposite the Clumber Park Hotel, this way means you do not go far enough into the park to have to pay admission. The ford is 42 paced yards long and 3-4" deep. From memory cobbled bottom that can be quite slippery, wooden footbridge one side, fenced the other side.' Chris Birkett

'The entrance to Clumber Park is now closed to all but park rangers so entrance is via the main road through the park. National trust is concerned about the use of the ford so try to resist the temptation to go too fast. I have been through the ford MANY times, and can confirm the base is slippery-fell off my bike, friend bent a car wheel sliding into the edge, but worst of all every time I have been this summer the bridge is populated by birdwatchers and the water full of dogs/children playing.'A Stoakes:

'I too came a cropper attempting to cycle across this one. My biking chums were extremely amused by my aquaplaning the last 20 yards on my back. The passengers on the Robin Hood Line train were less impressed, as I dripped steadily all over the floor and seats back to Mansfield. If you want to bike the Clumber Park ford, do it on a nice summer's day - not like me at four o'clock on a dark, freezing December afternoon, without a change of clothes!' Rob Ainsley

Oxton (x2!)

SK631512 (1*) Suitable for All
SK616511 (2*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Stephen Nicholls (09/01/2003)

'Oxton Ford is on a small back road in the middle of the village of Oxton. It is fed by a mill pond and looks as if the depth will never be deeper than a few inches. The ford is very short only 1-2 car lengths, the base is cobbled and there is a full set of signs and a footbridge (Image 1).'

Sent in by Andy Moran and Peter D Smith (15/01/2005)
'The second ford is locally called 'bean ford' and is about 2 car lengths long and since the water didn't come up to my boots when I rode through it, I guess its about 5"-6" deep. The road in and out is a bit of a mess & the ford bed would appear to be mostly concrete (Image 2).'

'Few inches deep but the road surface was still terrible! Felt like a drop of 4 to 5inches into the Ford which sent a wall of water over the front of my golf! Not to be attempted at high speed.' Jon

Rufford Country Park
SK647656 (3*) Suitable for All

Description by Stephen Nicholls:
'Rufford Ford is 4-5 car lengths across and has a concrete base. There is a full set of signs and a bridge. The ford is on a busy stretch of road and at least 5 or 6 cars past as I was there. It is, in dry weather, about half a foot deep. The ford is next to the mill at Rufford Park with plenty of space to park to view the ford.'

Account and mouseover sent in by Jason Starkey (31/12/2004):
'This ford is very popular in the summer as families gather here to watch vehicles go through and are quite vocal in their disapproval of people who go through slowly as they boo and hiss at you. so if you are brave enough to go through at speed you will get a big cheer. The pic its self is of my 4x4 going through after the council had close the road due to heavy rain and flooding, as you can see it's not that deep but they take no chances with people getting stuck. I live about a mile away so use this ford regularly and I know what is safe and what isn't, I've seen this ford upto the bottom of the footbridge which is about 4 feet deep, best not to try it when its like that.' Image 2 showing some serious flooding sent in by Charlotte Deane (27/04/2012)

SK631802 (2*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Nick Sharpe and Rob & Alex (12/11/2011)

'Next to a red brick bridge on a private road and we used to ride 10 miles on our bikes in the summer to splash through it at high speed. Bottom loose rocks, water 18" deep. Only really for 4x4's, it has a drop in of about 6-8 inches so we scraped the towbar slightly. Very rocky, deepest part being about 12inches in a dry(ish) November. Access only in the day time.'

SK542667 (2*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Ross Retallack (02/01/2013)

'It's shown on the os map as a ford on a byway(Bath Lane), but there are no signs or depth markers. In fact it is not obvious where the ford is as there are many large puddles 8 to 10" deep across the lane and water both sides at the same level.'

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