West Sussex
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Birch Grove
TQ396304 (1*) Suitable for All
Sent in by Michael Casssidy (07/09/2003)

'This ford is situated in the Ashdown Forest and is approached by a narrow and picturesque lane from both directions. The tarmac of the roads leads to a concrete base of about six metres in width, but after this year's dry summer the width of the stream varies between about twenty and forty centimetres, with a depth of just a few centimetres. Normally one can expect about one metre in width and about ten centimetres in depth.'

Bosham Tidal Village
SU805038 (5*) Tidal
Sent in by John Brown (09/09/2002)

'We had a super day at Bosham yesterday. The weather was lovely, and we arrived about two hours before one of the highest tides of the year - perfect timing. We had lunch on the terrace of the Anchor Bleu as the tide reached its zenith or apogee or whatever tides have.'

'The name of the street that runs all the way round the harbour, from Bosham Quay at SU803038 to SU801031, is Shore Road. Five separate sections of this are tidal, at least at the 5m-plus high tides like the one on Sunday, 8 September 2002. These are: (i) from SU803038 to SU810038; (ii) from SU810037 to SU807037; (iii) from SU806036 to SU805034; (iv) from SU805032 to SU804032; and (v) from SU801032 to SU801031.

'The first view (Image 1) is looking west from the foot of Bosham Lane (Run your mouse over or off the image to make the tide come in or out!) Next, the view looking at the east end of the north shore (Image 2). Image 3 is the view eastwards along section ii. Image 4 is looking westwards along section iii. Image 5 is looking westwards along section iv. Image 6 is looking south-west along section v. Image 7 is looking from the far end of Shore Road back across the bay to Bosham village. There are no mouseovers for the last thee images.'

Images 8 and 9 are of the highest tide of the year at Bosham. Finally, Image 10 shows them bringing in the potato harvest at high tide and were all sent in by David Wilson.


East Lavant
SU865076 (3*) Tidal
Sent in by David Wilson (24/09/2003)

'Fordwater Lane, between Chichester and East Lavant, from GR SU866075 to SU865077, a couple of hundred yards. This is four-wheel drive territory; a RUPP. In fact the path is in the dry alongside the river and the road follows the river bed. It wouldn't be worth including if not for the curiosity that the River Lavant is a winterbourne. The Image 2 mouseover was taken 04/01/03 when even a four-wheel drive might have had problems; it's now completely dry. The peak flow this year was 5.2 cu.m. per sec., and there was water in the river from November to about May.

recent book locally published on R. Lavant says that this stretch was part of the original coach road from Chichester to London (which then went over the shoulder of St Roches's Hill GR 872110) and down to Singleton; presumably then via Midhurst and Hindhead avoiding Weald Clay as much as possible)' Image 3 sent in by Greg Owen (19/01/2004)

SU832281 (1*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by John Brown (15/07/2003)

'Small watersplash, about 2 to 3 yards across and 3 to 4 inches deep, some 100 yds off the yellow road, on an unsurfaced white road that is a public bridleway. Brick footbridge, no signs.'

SU927295 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by David Wilson (24/03/2009)

'A small watersplash on the tarmac road skirting the edge of Blackdown just north of Ramsfold House, suitable for all traffic, quite possibly seasonal but running an inch or two deep in March.'

SU776053 (3*) Off-Roaders Only!
Sent in by Ian Glading. Images sent in by John Brown (15/07/2003)

'Deep, gravel bottom, 1-2car lengths but bends around so you just can't quite see the exit. Road either side is marked as Dead End from the main road. Best approached from east side, to prevent residents disturbance if you decide to not proceed.'

'Could drivers please drive slowly through the ford, there are ducks and wildfowl in the stream and the approach roads are narrow and residential'

Sidlesham Tidal Road
SZ860972 (2*) Tidal
Sent in by David Wilson (10/08/2003) & (22/10/2012)

'Pagham Harbour at Sidlesham, photo taken on the highest tide of the year on 7/10/02. The lady who lives in the house on the left says that she can expect the water up to her doorstep about once every three years, but it really needs a strong SWly wind to push the tide along. You can make out, however, the raised doorstep! The watery part to the right is Pagham Harbour which used to be reclaimed land until a storm in 1907 overwhelmed the sea walls. It is now a nature reserve with excellent birdwatching. For railway buffs, too, there is interest as the route of the old Selsey Tram light railway runs along the edge of the tidal marshes just out of the right of this picture and can be walked. For the non-nerds, there is the Crab & Lobster pub just up to the left - get a pint and watch the tide come in!'

SU802114 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by David Wilson (Image 1: 24/09/2003; Image 2: 30/12/2012)

'Side-road off the road through Stoughton village, leading to village green. Another winterbourne so it is often bone dry.'

TQ041086 (1*) Irish Bridge
Sent in by David Wilson (03/01/2012)

'A watersplash at the appropriately named Splash Farm in Wepham near Arundel, West Sussex (GR TQ041086). A chalk winterbourne, which is only likely to have water in it after a prolonged period of winter rainfall, but the size of the culvert indicates how deep it can get!'

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