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Ayrshire: Kilmarnock
NS436390 (3*) DECEASED!
Sent in by John Page (14/03/2003)

'Large ford on 2 way road in middle of Kilmarnock town. Despite how it looks in these photographs Kilmarnock is an Irish Bridge with the typical water level of 24-30 inches lower then the road. IN spate the posts in the picture are submerged giving a 5 foot + total water depth and 2'6 above the road surface. In spate picture (Image 4) sent in by Dougie Clement (31/08/2009)'

County Durham: Witton Park
NZ170308 (1*) DECEASED!
Sent in by Peter D Smith (14/02/2005)

'A long ford across the mighty River Wear, to be crossed only with great care. I came across it by accident (honestly!), because it is not marked on the OS Landranger maps, which give priority to the adjacent railway viaduct. Looks like a concrete surface in Image 1 (Taken in 1996).'

Info from Mike Calverley:
'Myself and some other members of the L200 owners club had a look at Witton Park ford the other day and it can no longer be driven. There is a steel post set in the ground at one end and large boulders on the ford at the other end plus a 10 foot mud bank with a fence on top of it, where they have rebuilt the footpath. You can go through it on a motorbike but alas 4 wheelers are no more (Image 3).'

Cumbria: Potsloan
NY631760 (2*) DECEASED!
Sent in by Andrew JD Smith (27/10/2004)

'This is a shallow concrete ford on a private forest road.'

Essex: Steeple Bumpstead
TL677410 (2*) DECEASED!
Sent in by Chris Jones (12/05/2003)

'An intriguing location adjoining the B1057. The concrete-bottomed ford is very wide, probably 4 car lengths, and carries not only a road into the village but a private drive into a house. There's a footbridge alongside. Dry at the time of our visit, but when it's wet, pulling out on to the main road must be a slippery prospect after rain.Image mouseover of flood sent in by Kevin Miller (06/01/04)'

Ford 2 sent in by John Nicholls (06/09/2003)
'Located about a mile downstream of the big 30 yard example just off Blois Road (B1054) at Broad Green, Steeple Bumpstead. Normal flow is taken by 3 X 24 inch pipes. The "big one" in the village has 4 X 12 inch. Marked as ford on Explorer map sheet 210.'

Hampshire: Martins Corner
SU619124 (1*) DECEASED!
Sent in by John Brown (21/08/2003)

'On a three-ply tarred lane, shortly before it becomes an overgrown ORPA, is this concrete part-timer which, dipping sharply towards the stream bed, looks as if it could be a proper ford in winter, especially as the bridge alongside, made of concrete beams, is wide and strong enough for light vehicles. No signs.'

Hampshire: Water End
SU696532 (1*) DECEASED!
Sent in by Jon Star (30/03/2003)

'Shallow grassy ford along rutted overgrown byway. 4x4s only. Easiest to find from western end (currently blocked by large mound of mud).'

Lothian & Falkirk: Glenbrook
NT132650 (1*) DECEASED!
Sent in by John MacKenzie (03/01/2005)

'The ford is near to Haugh Head Farm. There is a sign for it at one side but the sign is facing the wrong direction, i.e. after you drive through the ford you see the sign saying FORD but driving in the other direction you wouldn't see the sign, at the other side is an empty sign post, but no sign. I'm sure there used to be two signs in the correct direction! As you will see from the photos there is a footbridge and a depth gauge/marker which goes to six feet.

The ford is I believe and Irish bridge, nowadays, and the water usually flows below the road, but the day before I took the photos there was at least six inches on the 'surface'. (it was at nigh, very dark and raining and I wasn't stopping to measure how deep it was!) It can usually/always be driven with care in any car.'

'City of Ediburgh council have ruined this ford, it's now a bridge (Image 2)' Update from Mark Saddler (10/07/2008)

Northumberland: Bewick
NU070207 (1*) DECEASED!
Sent in by John Brown (14/10/2004)

'A prominent white "council" footbridge standing proud among the meadows drew my attention to an old roadway running down to the River Till from the north. Older OS maps show a road, so clearly there was a ford here, but there's not much sign of it now.'

'This isnt driveable at all. We checked it out April 2010.'Lee Bailey

Scottish Borders: Sourhope
NT840196 (1*) DECEASED!
Sent in by Andrew JD Smith (Images 1 and 2: 27/10/2004) and Derek Knox (Image 3: 16/03/2017; Image 4: 29/06/2019)

'There used to be two fords on the road near Sourhope. The first was an Irish bridge over a tributary of the main watercourse (Image 1: now replaced by a bridge). The second is still there and is a proper ford through the main stream. It's base is concrete and it is 7 yards wide and two inches deep. Each of the fords can be avoided using two wooden road bridges with 3 ton weight limits. Image 3 shows the whole set-up.'

Image 4 shows the final ford by the farm.

West Yorkshire: Newmillerdam
SE331160 (2*) DECEASED!
Sent in by Chris Marsh (19/03/2003)

Image 3 and Details from Richard A. Thackery (29/08/2006): 'Used to be fairly shallow (4") - only just covered tyres of my first car (Chevette). It then got dammed downstream by local kids, and started to vary from 2foot up to about 5foot after heavy rain. (It is the only drain out of Newmillerdam which is a largish lake). I've seen it deep enough to enter the cab of a101FC.

A few years ago, a local councillor wanted volunteers a few years ago to help clear it out, as it was apparently part of a carriage drive from a local big house (now demolished). It is normally too deep & rubbish filled to enter in my Discovery!'

Wiltshire: Easton Grey (x2!)

ST889870 (2*) DECEASED!
ST890870 (2*) DECEASED!
Sent in by Iain Mortimer (07/10/2005)

'There is a pair of fords on the Fosse way in Wiltshire near Easton Grey about ten minutes south of the Brokenborough ford. The fords are shown on the os maps as a bridge there are however two fords side by sideboth have steep entry and access although the water is fairly shallow therefore only suitable for 4x4 Access to the fords can be managed in an ordinary car though as a Peugeot 205 was parked next to them on my arrival.'

These fords are now closed as there are the foundations of Roman mile forts in the stream bed. Please do not attempt to use.

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